Dying Light Better Xbox Controller Mod

Installation: 1. Download Dying Light Mod Manager 2. Install Dying Light Mod Manager 3. Extract the archive to: C:\Users\*USER-NAME*\Documents\DyingLight 4. Enable Dying Light mods as indicated in image 5. Click Lauch Dying Light from Mod Manager   Dying Light Mod Manager Download   Dying Light Better Controller Mod Download   Dying Light XBCODL Controller Mod Download

Infinity Mode Dead Rising 3 Mod Update V 2.5

This mod allows you to use melee weapons forever and they never break. However, if you have a save file with a weapon on the brink of destruction then it will not work for that particular weapon. You must either get on from the locker, craft one, or pick one up. I completely disabled the BOMB in story mode for all modes. Now you can enjoy the game without racing […]