Fallout 4 Crysis 2 Nanosuit

Updates: Hide Pipboy in 3rd person and made it only show in 1st person. Added the ability to craft the armor. Fallout 4 Crysis Nanosuit Mod Download

Knightmare Batman and Batgirl (Fallout 4)

The Knightmare Duster from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with several variations of the cowl, a black duster and a Batgirl female variant. Craftable at the chem station under “Bat Equipment”. HIGHLY recommend adding the full eye black face paint to your character for the cowls. There is also a Bat Flag, craftable for any settlement under decorations/flags. IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOUR EARS OR PARTS OF YOUR FACE […]

Mod Request of Skyrim

Could somebody move from the movie Batman Batman against Superman in Skyrim. Armor or race, in two variations regular armor and armor to battle with Superman?

Captain America Race WIP

This is my WIP Captain America race mod for TES. I’ve tried to make races before and to do such a good work as my friend wapedell. But I haven’t succeded. But it’s time to take this more seriously and try again. When we fall, we rise… Here’s a pic of the Captain America i will try to make a race. I am a new person in the modding World […]